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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Updated 12/03/2020

Our practice, acts for a wide range of clients including those in various public facing sectors including hospitality, catering, professional services as well as many frontline clinicians working within the NHS. Some of these clients are considered to be in a group of those more susceptible to the very serious effects of the virus – including those who may be older or with vulnerable immune systems.

We have considered carefully the likely risk of exposure to the virus by both our clients and staff and have concluded, given the nature of our business, the risk is low. However, we believe in our commitment to Social Responsibility, and as part of that we are implementing measures with immediate effect to limit the possible spread of the virus by way of our business; these measures include:

  • Enabling members of our staff wherever possible to work from home – full contact remains through telephone, email and where appropriate video conferencing
  • Temporarily ceasing all direct client contact meetings – this will avoid a requirement to assess individually any personal contact with those recently travelling from (or those being in contact with) other countries who may have been exposed to the virus

Whilst our offices will remain open, we will not be seeing clients or other visitors at our premises. We very much believe the responsibility to the health of our clients, staff and other contacts overrides the minimal and temporary inconvenience felt by the implementation of these measures.

If, as a client. you have any questions about how this may affect you, please contact us on 01223 506533 or 01279 508002 or by email your usual contact in our practice or to