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14 Jun 2019

The NHS pension tax trap - and how to escape it

The ‘pension tax trap’ that’s affecting senior NHS doctors has been getting plenty of media attention over the past few months. But if you’re one of the senior doctors and consultants that’s directly affected by this issue, you’ll already know about the detrimental effect on your earnings.

28 Mar 2019

Making Tax Digital: the key benefits for your small business

The phrase ‘Making Tax Digital’ has been flying around in business circles for a good couple of years now.

27 Feb 2019

Access to funding and additional finance for your SME

Whatever point you’re at in the life cycle of your business, there will come a stage where you’ll need additional finance – whether that’s to solve an urgent financial issue in the short term, or to provide the access to funding needed to expand your business operations.

16 Jan 2019

5 key ways to achieve your business goals in 2019

Many of us will have started the year with some personal New Year resolutions, but have you also set some clearly defined goals for your business to achieve over the coming year?

01 Dec 2018

Xerocon London 2018: Our round-up of the key takeaways

Xerocon London, Xero UK’s annual tech conference, is always a key date in our diaries.

01 Nov 2018

Going for gold: how Xero helps you achieve more

We’re very proud to announce that Day Accountants is now a Xero Gold Partner!

02 Oct 2018

Xero & iwoca: helping us and our clients to grow

At Day Accountants, there’s nothing we love more than seeing than our clients growing, expanding their operations and making a success of their business.

20 Sep 2018

Getting your systems talking after an acquisition – our top tips

We’re always looking for the next step in our evolution at Day Accountants. Most of you will know that we’ve just acquired Coralmead Accountancy Services to create a two-centre practice that’s ideally situated within the East Anglia and North London area.

20 Aug 2018

Back to school: the need for education in your business

Educating yourself is a key skill for an entrepreneur.

23 Jul 2018

Keeping your people happy and productive

5 ways to improve engagement

19 Jun 2018

Why you need a break from your business – getting the work/life balance right

Entrepreneurs averagely work over 50 hours per week – an extra 10 hours more than most of their employees.

15 May 2018

The importance of positive cashflow

3 key things to get right

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