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We’re getting bigger: Day Accountants set to expand with an additional office

Client news – July 2018

At Day Accountants, we’re always looking for the next step in our evolution as a practice – and the next opportunity to add more value for you and your business. So we’re very excited to announce that from July 2018, we have taken on the practice of Coralmead Accountancy Services and are aligning their practice into ours to create a two centre practice ideally situated within the East Anglia and North London area.

Based in Bishop’s Stortford, Coralmead is a firm with a reputation for providing excellent advice and first-class service to business and personal clients. As a firm of similar size and outlook to ourselves, we felt there was a great opportunity to combine both practice teams and bring the best elements of both practices to the fore. The Day Accountants management team will oversee the running of the combined practices.

Why we wanted to expand the firm

We share the same ambitions around growth and expansion as our clients – and growing the firm has always been a key part of our business strategy for the coming years.

By acquiring another practice, our main goal is to continue to offer the same great customer service but as an expanded two-office firm. Having additional team members on board, with a variety of new skills, helps us broaden our offerings as a firm, increase the variety of our client base and set the foundations for scaling up the business.

A broader service for your business

With a bigger team of experienced finance professionals to work with, we are confident that the increased range of support, advice and services you receive will add real value to your experience of working with the Day Accountants team.

As a client, these are just a few of key benefits:

  1. A team with a greater skillset – bringing detailed knowledge to the advice we offer
  2. Bigger geographical reach – so you can access our services across two office locations
  3. A greater range of industry specialisms – bringing you tailored advice for your business sector

A new chapter for Day Accountants

The transition into a two-office firm was achieved in early July 2018, and the feedback we have received on this has been extremely positive.

It is a new chapter in the history of Day Accountants, and we believe it’s a step that will lead to a broader accountancy and advisory experience for you and your business.

If you have any questions regarding the acquisition, please do get in touch with us.