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Going for gold: how Xero helps you achieve more

We’re very proud to announce that Day Accountants is now a Xero Gold Partner!

This year has been a period of big growth for the firm. We’ve expanded to become a two-office practice, and have brought a host of new clients on board, and becoming a Gold Partner means we’ll be able to offer you even more value as your accountant and business adviser.

Here are just a few ways that Day Accountants and Xero help your business aim for gold.

The gold standard for business software

Xero online accounting is the foundation stone for all the business advice we bring you. It’s cloud-based software that gives you rock-solid accounting from your laptop or mobile device.

As a Gold Partner, our team is fully Xero certified and accredited, so we can help you switch to Xero and get you up and running in no time. And that opens up a whole new way of managing your finances, running your business and hitting your targets.

Key benefits of having Xero at the heart of the business include:

  • Your accounts done as standard – with a straightforward way to carry out your bookkeeping, record keeping, accounts and tax, all safely backed up in the cloud.
  • Online invoicing and payment – so you can raise and email out electronic invoices, and get paid directly through a range of different online payment gateways.
  • Access to the Xero ecosystem – bringing you a huge choice of 600+ Xero-compliant business apps you can integrate with, from project management tools to automatic credit control, cashflow forecasting solutions to industry-specific inventory apps.

Giving you the numbers you need

You might think an accountant only does the accounts and tax returns for your business. But we believe your numbers are just the starting point for our working partnership.

Xero and the ecosystem of apps make it incredibly easy to record, track and measure your finances and business numbers over time. That gives us the important information we need to help you get more from your business model – and add value to your bottom line.

Our team work with you to provide:

  • Tracking and forecasting cashflow – so we can help you predict any cash dips and take the proactive action needed to keep the business in a positive cashflow position.
  • Custom KPI reporting – allowing us to bring you bespoke reporting and forecasting around your profit, cash, debt and sales key performance indicators (KPIs), and keeping you on track with your targets and performance milestones each month.
  • Accessing the finance you need – giving you the drilled-down financial reporting that lenders will want to see when you’re in need of funding for your next project.

Getting you ready for Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital is the Government’s mandatory requirement for businesses to move over to digital tax accounts – and if you’re VAT-registered then it starts next April!

By making Xero your base accounting platform, we also make you MTD compliant – with all your records, financial information and tax data automatically stored in the right digital format. So if you’re a Xero user, we’ve already helped you jump the MTD hurdle.

There’s more information here on how Xero keeps you MTD compliant.

The latest updates from Xerocon London

The Xero ecosystem never sits still, with a stream of new apps, new updates and new features constantly being released. And a key part of our role is to keep you updated on these changes.

That’s why we’re off to Xerocon London 2018 this month, Xero’s annual tech conference. Over two days, we’ll be soaking up the latest release from Xero and the Xero app ecosystem, so we can bring you an even wider selection of software tools and solutions.

Talk to us about going for gold

Whether you’re brand new to cloud accounting, or an existing Xero user, we’ll help you dig deeper into your finances. We’ll find the numbers that matter and will work with you to analyse, enhance and improve your performance – taking your business to the next level.

If you’d like to find out more about Xero get in touch for a chat.