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Back to school: the need for education in your business

Educating yourself is a key skill for an entrepreneur.

It’s been an amazing summer here in the UK , with some of the hottest summer months on record and many of us enjoying a sunny staycation away from the pressures of work. But September is just around the corner and, for many, it’s nearly time to head back to school.

But going back to school isn’t just for the kids. Getting back into the educational mindset is just as important for you, your team and the long-term growth and development of your business.

So what should your homework be for the Autumn months? And what are the important areas to swot up on if you’re going to aim for a gold star during the penultimate quarter of the year?

Educate yourself, as the business owner

Educating yourself is a key skill for an entrepreneur. By expanding your skills, knowledge and understanding across a broad range of business areas, you make yourself a better boss, a stronger leader and a more innovative business thinker.

Being the captain of the ship means having a diverse range of abilities that you can call on, whether that’s business acumen, people skills or drilled-down financial know-how. And when the course of the business cycle becomes unpredictably (as it almost certainly will) you’re better prepared to react, pivot or innovate when you’ve got the skills to pay the bills.

To increase your education as the boss:

  1. Sign up for some formal courses – physically going back to school may be the answer. Many universities, colleges and business groups offer continued learning or part-time courses around the key business skill sets . Formalise the education process and make it a personal KPI to track.
  2. Read, read and read some more!Successful business leaders tend to be big readers , whether that’s books or industry thought leadership. So read as much as you can, be curious and keep up to date with the latest ideas, strategies and tech advances.
  3. Get a mentor or talk to your peers – learning from others is a great way to widen your experience. Working closely with a mentor can be one way to expand your knowledge in key areas. Talking to peers that you respect is another way to pick up the right tips, hacks and ideas and overcome any personal limitations.

Keeping your team educated too

Making sure your team are happy and productive  is one of your key responsibilities as a boss. People are your biggest asset as a company, so it’s vital that you keep them educated, engaged and delivering the skills you need to keep the business growing and turning a healthy profit.

Developing your team is vital for long-term success so sending your staff back to the classroom should be a key focus over the remainder of the year. You need people who are willing to learn new skills, embrace new technology and learn from those around them – so putting education on the menu, and working it into their personal development, is key.

To get your people back in the mood for school:

  1. Provide the right training and coaching – as part of your personal development meetings with your employees, find out where they have skills gaps and where there’s a real appetite for training. Sign them up for courses, bring in inspiring mentors and run in-house training that keeps their skills honed and their ideas fresh.
  2. Have the right tools in their pencil case technology is an increasingly important part of running your business , so your team need the right software tools and the right capabilities when it comes to using these apps and solutions. Run regular training sessions to keep everyone abreast of the most productive tools for your business needs.
  3. Make sure everyone has had a break taking a holiday from the business  is as important for your staff as it is for the boss, keeping everyone motivated for the ‘start of term’. To get the most from any training, your people need to be refreshed and ready to learn, so make sure everyone in the team has taken enough time off over the summer.

Need any help with your homework?

If you’re looking to find the right educational courses, connect with the best mentors, or get yourself up to speed with the latest innovations, do come and talk to us.

We can help you identify the educational needs of your team and get linked in with the right trainers and coaches. And as a firm of experienced business advisers, we can bring you our own training around business strategy, financial improvements and the best cloud tech to have in your business systems.

Talk to us about giving your education the gold-star treatment